The Nine Faces of Dave
2001-11-09 20:50:30 (UTC)

where's the answer man when you need him?

I've been kicking around questions in my head all day. Some
of these have been bothering me for a really long time.

First off, what accounts for differences in tastes? Is
there something genetic that makes me like Dire Straits
while other people buy the latest album from DJ EZ Cheez (or
whoever the next big rap star happens to be)? Or is it
From my observations, many of the people who don't listen to
any older or more obscure music have also never heard of it.
I'd like to run an experiment sometime: take several people
who've never heard of some band I like, have them listen to
a few choice songs, then get their opinions. Perhaps that
will answer my questions.

Here's one: why does my mental state seem so much different
from everyone else's? Maybe my brain produces sedatives,
but it seems like I remain calm while everyone around me
flips out.

How well does apathy really work? Anytime I can't solve
some problem I have, my general response is to stop caring.
It works nicely sometimes, but I'm not sure how effective
it really is. What often happens is that I care again later
on when I'm even less capable of solving the problem.

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