Life of an Angel
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2001-11-09 20:26:26 (UTC)


Ok so yesterday me n ryan ..my boyfroend..had a fite...he
was sayin some stuff..i said some stuff..whatever. Then
Dave, oh god this is where it all goes wrong! I was talking
to Dave too last nite and he told me he wanted 2 be woth me
and that he wanted to kiss me and be close 2 me. ugh...what
am i gunna do. i have liked dave fer so long but im goin
out with ryan. but i like ryan too...but i think i like
dave more. ugh...im so confused. and yesterday when i dave
told me he liked me i told him i liked him too and i
thought ryan was gunna break it off with me n e ways which
is why i told dave i liked him then. but n e ways i guess
what im gunna do is wait fer ryan 2 break up with me...but
im gunna try n fix it if i can
well gutta go
luv sarah

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