a little piece of me
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2001-11-09 20:18:32 (UTC)


ok, something kinda strange happened today. see, i have
painting from 1-3. there is a painting class before mine
from 10-12. i usually go in at 12 so i can leave at 2 (i
have a class at 3 on the other side of campus...that way i
don't have to kill myself to get there). well, there's
this older guy that is in the earlier painting class, and
he's usually still there when i get there. i was getting
set up to paint today and he was like, 'oh, i didn't know
that was your painting. some people in my class were
talking about it and no one knew who's it was. it's really
good!'. ok, i don't think it's good at all, but it was
kinda cool that someone actually liked it. not that i do
art for others or for their approval. anyway, that was
about it. i'm almost done with it. i don't know how the
teacher expects us to do another painting. we're supposed
to have 4 done. we have 3 weeks left of class time. i
sure as hell hope she doesn't expect us to crank out
another one in that short amount of time. people are still
working on this one. i don't think anyone is done yet. i
know no one is done yet. damn, i really really need to go
finish my other one. i think i'll do that tomorrow.

so nothing much else is happening. i guess i'm gonna go
clean up my messy house! hope everyone has a good day :)