A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-11-09 19:20:21 (UTC)

Things are already....

...starting to fall apart. Why does it have to be this
soon? Found out last night that my cell phone's been
turned off.

Found out a few minutes ago that a couple decided to take
another place instead of mine. I'm seriously thinking
about moving. Damn, I hate moving. I just can't afford to
not have a roomate right now. Bla.

Yea, I'm stressin. ;-)

The past couple of days....
Nothing realy exciting going on. Had to work Wend
morning. I hate working in the day to begin with. Well,
when I got there it seems that they changed the schedual
without telling me. I worked anyway, just for a few hours,
just enough to make the trip worth it.

There's a scavenger hunt going on in the quarter Sunday. I
have to work. Mabey, just mabey, I'll get off work early
enough to go.