dismal life
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2001-11-09 17:34:25 (UTC)

Gone for the weekend..

Yup...I'm going to Erin's house this weekend to chill and
smoke. Shit is probably going to go down! Erin and
Christine like hate each other...BLAH! I hope things work
out. Missing Mikey...God I'm so in loove with him. He left
for the band trip a little while ago. I miss him already.
Tonight I'm going to feel sorry for myself and smoke and
drink a whole bottle of vodka myself...YAY! I love Mike so
much....God! I'm such a PUSSY! I need a cigarette...Die!
Ronnie called this morNIN to tell me about what's going
down 2-nite...Nothing. They are going to PILL and I'll just
be stoned and drunk in the background...I need a little
Fiona Apple to finish the mood...I'm a dork. Woah...just
had a head rush.


eye for an eye

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