*Rock Star*

In the head of a band-aid...
2001-11-09 16:22:56 (UTC)

cant talk long, got stuff 2 do..

Am at work right now, temping at a co. called Accu-Crete.
Am receptionist till Monday... at least. got a project to
do, filing... boring... But I got a busy schedule, and a
lot to talk about... Mike got a DVD player installed in
his car, and it is taking over his life, is coming between
us. Got a "road trip" planned on Nov. 30th to go to
Atlanta Ga to see the guys again, flickerstick that is,
they are playing at the The Roxt Theater. I may go with
some more friends of theirs and ours. People that went to
high school with them. I hope it all works out. AND ,
they released their album on Tuesday, called "Welcoming
Home the Astronauts", go get it. All Best Buys have it.
Please, it is like so GREAT! I have 10 copies. they are
gifts for christmas. Oh, well, GO FLICKERSTICK!!

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