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2001-11-09 14:40:16 (UTC)

Drunk and stupid

Im homen from a party with the other trainers. Im kinda
drunk. Japan has that effect oin people sometimes. I drank
four mug of beer and 2 bottles of sake...my head is swimmy,
ˆÄ‚„‚‚™ƒEƒB‚Ó‚¥ˆÙ‚“‚²‚ñ‚ –Ø‚Œ‚Œ‰èBBB‚n‚ˆƒEƒF‚Œ‚Œ‚h‚̓”‚¥
‚Ó‚§‚’‰H‚’‚„“o‚ê‚ ‚À‚ñ‚‡ƒeƒB‚“‰~‚”‚’‚™‚Ä‚¥‚Ë‚˜‚”‚¾‚™A‘c‚h

Holy FUCK! I just looked up and realized I typed all of
this shit in Japanese!!!
Im pretty sure if you dont have a Japanese copy of windows,
or some software that can read characters in Japanese. then
this must look like a bunch of garbageshit. In actuality,
it IS garbage, because I was writting in English, and the
keyboard was using phonetic sounds...so it really doesnt
make any sense even if you could read the Hirigana...
Fuck it, Im going to bed