even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-09 14:15:38 (UTC)

kitten; she loves!

so, lee is late.. as usualy.. i guess since hes late
evryday, when we're late hs really on time... eh? what an
idea?! so, im ogign to dallas roday.. im only kind of
exicted, cause, one mom sucks and being all anal about me
flying ad is gonan atke me to the airport like three hours
early...? also, i have to leaev school early, and i ned ot
print in photo... dammnit kitten! arm not a toy! yikes, on
and two, ive hbeen tlking to shoye, and i... we're so
differnt, and i kew thta, but, like... i can tell now a
whole lot, i hope thta idt doesn;t fuck things up, you
know? i hope we can be somewhat like we used to be... and
bryan, i don; knwo man, maybe they will find me a hot boy
or something...lees not here, its 814... school starts at
840... lat night sam and aum came over anf cilled, it
wasfun, those boys are great, alothough, i think that they
aren;t heling me become any less socailly awkaward... lees

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