Journey of a Skater
2001-03-22 03:52:34 (UTC)

Day 21 Natire has a way of..

Day 21
Natire has a way of screwin with me. It rained right
as I was on my way home from school. I did, however, put
on a coatand peek over the hill to check out the spot, but
I couldn't take in the sights for long as I saw a mall
police truck at the bottom of the hill. If they saw me
they coulda easily caught me, but I was quiet and stayed
behind the line of trees they foolishly planted on top, the
ones that people steal and pass off as christmas trees. I
did get some work done indoors, though. Though I couldn't
move much I am getting better at manuals, this time nose
manuals too. I also worked out kickturns, which will help
a lot if I get stuck in switch anytime soon. I should
practice that outta nose stalls. Almost the weekend, that
means it's almost time that my dad and I build that box.
Now all I gotta do is learn to ollie (lol). Trick list:

Nosestall (1 and 2 feet)
Charleston Nosestall
Rock n' Roll
Nose Manual
Rail Stand
60's Porn Star

Tricks I'm practicing (will be know from now on as TIP)
Nose Manual
2-Footed Nosestall

Well, I'm off to do more important things.

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