De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-11-09 14:02:05 (UTC)

End of SEP

Friday 9/11/01

Today can be considered the final day of my SEP over here
in the Victoria University of Wellington. What an amazing
semester it has been. it has certainly reinvigorated me.
The 5 papers I took here have exposed me to many different
groups of people and way of teachings.

Sociology presented many different views of the locals
here. Tutorials were always a cross-fire of arguments and
viewpoints. Our tutorial mates are so vocal that we'll
oftern spend so much time on a single argument..hehehe

DSP and Instrumentation were like 2 similar classes.. in
fact my classmates were largely the same for these 2
classes. John, Chris, Andrew, Vadim and Guo Kai. Can't say
that the topics were very interesting but being a new
course, the lecturers Andy and Gideon were very
accomodating : ) In fact, Gideon has invited us for a beer
session sometimes after the exams, so thats nice

Artificial Intelligence was perhaps the most "normal" class
outof the 5.. it was taught by Gao Xiaoying, from China,
and she likes to use many Chinese examples in her
lectures..hehehe.. most work were also done for this
subject consistently and the topic was quite interestingly
taught..though the exam sucked : P

Software Project was the biggie module..which sucked most
of the time out of us.. the process wasn;t that
fact documentation sucks..but the good thing was i got to
work with the people here, David and Luke. Meeting them was
really great and we're gonna celebrate the project success
sometimes soon after their final paper

today's instrumentation was required so much
memory work!! arghhh... i bumped in John and Chris after
the exam and we went to the Eastside bar at the Student
Union building where we had beer.. Silly me, i shouldn'y
drink so much on an empty stomach.... both of em has found
jobs after graduaation this year..chris will be workin in a
medical research company while john returns to the uni to
help out in some kindof research i think... anyway, we
chatted and drank for sometime b4 i left...

and i was drunk when i reached the
afternoon no less...made a fool out of myself in front of
Guo Kai, YL and Zhaoming...they hadta carry me back to my
room ... i was spouting nonsenses and doing silly stuff...
watta fool....

sheesh..slept till around dinner when i woke up with a
headache... ate some food..then they popped over again to
see how i am...and to laugh at me of course...we chatted
till late.. then me, DJ and Kai went to Hell's pizza where
i treated them to pizze(duh).. we hit the clubs next where
we bumped into chris again...that guy has been drinkin
since morning..and he was really high when he saw
us..hehehe... also bumped into Stan ..and kept bumping into
him in during our club hops..the music was terribly cheesy
tonite... we danced for a few hours..chilled out at the
cafe...then headed back...

lotsa stuff to do tomoro..think i'll get a haircut...then
pack my room a little...