Savage Garden
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2001-11-09 13:51:05 (UTC)

Chocolate Cake.

I have been DYING for a piece of chocolate cake and finally
have had a piece early this morning!


It was yummy! It was a marshmellow cake in chocolate flavor
by Entenmann's. It is THE best, aside from my mom's cake.


Life sucks and all that garbage, but I am going to try today
and forget ALL my worries and just live likeit's my LAST day
on earth.

Maybe it will be a good day.

Maybe I'll do something extremly wild.

I'll try it out....I mean it. Like really live like it was
my official last day on earth.

If it works, then there I go. I'll do that from now on and
just be happy.....cos' as my life is going right now.....I
am a sad individual.

I love the song, 'I'm a slave' by my favorite female
singer.....Britney Spears.

Trish hates her with a passion. It's so funny, Trish is
doing things more and more like.......ME! ~LOL~

She's so cute! I love her and Johann!

Johann is a sexy immortal me and my girls love. If you meet
him, you would die! He's that sweet! ^_^

One of my friends, who shall remain nameless got trapped in
her bra.

Now let me say I have NEVER done anything like that and it
brought tears of utter histeric's to my eyes! I fell to the
floor in a howl of laughter.


I walked in the other night around 1 or 2am and left my keys
in the front door's keyhole.

Not good I know....seeing as I livein N.Y.

OoOoOoOoOh! I got my car back! I am so excited.

Enough for now. Be back later! See ya!