Teenage years
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2001-11-09 13:35:55 (UTC)

complicated life

I hate getting up on the weekdays.
I hate getting up in the morning period but on the weekdays.
You know if it wasn't for my friends, and all the cute guys
I wouldnt go to school. Now my mom wants to move.
Yeah I do to but somewere around here so I can go to
Tallwood High. I really dont want to go to a school were I
dont know anyone. Yeah I know I can make new friends but
its not the same. I have been going to school with these
people for 6 years. I started school with them in 2nd grade.
I think I should finish school with them. Like right now my
best friend is grounded and the only time I see her is at
school. So if I was to move to a diff. school then I
wouldnt see her till she got off. Thats very unsual to.
When you go from talking to someone every single day then
go and not talk to them for about a month or so it gets
lonely. I just wish I could get my mom to move somewere
near Tallwood. It would be so much easier. I have so many
friends that I like to talk to and a lot of them my mom
doesnt approve of she says so I see them at school. Well
Like I said if I move it will all be different. I am not so
sure I could handle a change like that. Ok well I need to
get to school so I got to go. I will write again soon.

Love Brittany

p.s. Write me If you have any questions or just wanna talk.

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