DayDream Believer
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2001-11-09 11:13:51 (UTC)

Dear Diary

I have like a million hours of homework to do this weekend,
I have no idea of how Im gonna make it.
Now its 11.30 and Im of shool for today, but I cant go home
cause Im gonna work from 14.00 to 24.00 today, so Im
waiting to the clock to be 13.00 then Im gonna walk all the
way to my job, todays event:-)
There Im gonna baby sit and since the snow came early this
year Im sure they want to be outside, and when they are
sleeping Im gonna start writing on my wicca project
Tomorrow Im gonna clean our house and take the dogs for a
long walk, then Im off to the city, movie and The Music
Im probobly not home before four a clock in the morning,
but its okey, and Sunday Im gonna work with my wicca
project the whole day, lucy me!!

Maybe Ill see Chris on Saturday, if Ill go up to my other
job and see the people there he might be there and talk
with the one who is having this weekends night shift
I dont know, but one thing is sure, Ill be okey if I dont
see him also.
I dont need him, just want him, want someone to love me.
But Ill do just fine, at least to afther Christmas, thats
my only plan afther all.

You see, every holiday something goes wrong, it has happend
ever since the summer Seline died, so for the first year
for four years I want to have a normal holiay, not like it
has used to be, when Im a mess and cant wait for the next
holiday, cuz then everything`s gonna be just perfect.....
So this holiday, no boys , no expectations , nothing, just