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2001-11-09 08:01:15 (UTC)


after all these years of coming to grips with things,
reality checks, snapping out of denial...i'm still amazed
by the complete hopelessness of this town and all the
people in it. even the people who have gotten away, gone
off to college in upstate new york where it snows like hell
and the creepy little towns are infested with hippies. you
can smell the incense wafting down the street. the stores
sell nothing but long fringed skirts and multi-colored
glass bongs, beaded hemp necklaces and tie-dyed grateful
dead tee shirts. i went there once, got claustrophobic, so
i went to NYC for a day, caught a juliana theory show at
brownie's, went to kate's afterwards and got some coffee.
the train ride back to LI is my favorite part of going to
the city. it's always at two or three in the morning, the
train's empty, maybe a few teenagers coming back from a
punk show, or a random creepy old guy peeking at you over
the top of his newspaper. you can stretch out across the
seats and just fall asleep until your stop. somehow, you
always magically seem to wake up right before you have to
get off, just enough time to grab your jacket or whatever,
tuck a cigarette behind your ear, tie your shoelace. get
off when the doors slide open, hop off the platform in
stony brook, walk across the street to sevs, get a french
vanilla cappuccino for a buck twenty, maybe a donut or a
bag of chips. if you're lucky, your car is sitting in the
lot waiting for you to reclaim it. if not, you can call a
cab. it's about five bucks fare for a cab ride from the
station to my house. you never want to wait at the station.
the payphones there have gum jammed into them anyway, you
can't use them. you're better off calling from sevs, but
chances are you'll run into one of the infamous stony brook
weirdos anyway. usually elroy, or johnny finger, maybe even
flaco. elroy's the cross-eyed jamaican guy who rides his
bike around and stinks like hell. he sells drugs to my
little sister. johnny finger looks normal until you make
eye contact with him and he gives you the finger. around
here it's almost an honor when johnny finger flips you the