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2001-11-09 07:09:35 (UTC)


another fight.. what a surprise.. so i finally have decided
that i am evil.. i have been saying every time my roommate
leaves that hey maybe she'll die on the way home.. what is
wrong with me.. thats so mean.. but i dont care.. not much
really happened today.. took cassie to work.. sat around
with scott for a bit before he had to go to work.. watched
e.r.. good stuff!! and now im dead tired but cant sleep.. i
have to much shit on my mind.. over heard.. well no i was
acutally listening at my door.. but whatever.. i heard
christie my roommate telling her mom pretty much that she
hated me and that i was annoying.. and talking about once
again how shes planning on fucking me out of the lease.. so
i dont know what is happening there.. seems like once
christmas comes around the shit just hits the fan and
doesnt stop.. my dad found out about my unpaid ticket and
paid it for me.. which most of you are probably thinking
cool wish i had a dad like that .. but no! this just means
that he knows im a big fuck up .. and i owe him money..
lots of money cause hes helped me out before and ive just
never had the extra cash to start paying him back.. so
again i dont know what im going to do.. man i wish i could
go to sleep.. think i will after a few games of word
whomp.. although thats a fucking addictive game.. other
than that not much happened.. i am really hoping though
that someone reads my entries soon and replies.. i kinda
consider this the only therapy i could ever get.. come on
people help me out here!!!