Borrowed Light
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2001-11-09 07:01:54 (UTC)


here is the rest of that poem...im not sure if its finished
yet, i think it needs some polishing and editing but we'll

You hand me life on a golden platter
a royal feast for me to devour
diamonds and sapphires embedded into the gold
catch the sunlight that you created just for me
i close my eyes to shield myself
from the brightness and the splendour
and a tear falls from your eye when i miss the beauty of it

Each day I walk in your presence
out in the crowded streets of my life
rushing straight past you in the hustle and bustle
the hushed whisper of your spirit
asks me to delight in it, but i cant hear it over the
still i lust for the flesh
and a frown forms on your face when the temptation gets to

Its when i finally gain my wings to fly
that i fall humbly at your feet
i soar over the souls that perish below me
boasting of my spirutual greatness
but my icarus wings break under the weight of my pride
and the sun of holiness scorches me for my ignorance
casting me back to mortality
your sorrowful heart weeps silently when i fall short of
your glory again

anyways all feed back i s appreciated!

i got some of my friends in tassie's email addresses before
and emailed them...it will be cool to get back in contact


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