mark my words
2001-11-09 06:58:22 (UTC)

a good night had by all!

Tonight was sooo much fun!
My boy Tom from camp, who lives about 25 minutes away, came
to visit me. He brought his friend Jordan for KE (well,
Jordan drove), and the four of us definitely had fun. I
fucked Tom, KE fucked Jordan, and we were all pretty
Sex is great. I love it. If I knew how great it would be,
I would have done it loooong ago.
That's all I have to say about that!
Ohhh wait, more exciting information. Lindsay called me
and told me the awesome news. Mark wants to get with me
again! AHHHH! Tomorrow night we're going to hit it. I
can't wait. I was jumping up and down when she told me.
So hopefully, if all goes as planned, I'll sleep at her
house or she'll sleep at mine, curfew will be extended to
11:30 for once (please, Mom?) and we'll be the only chicks
there. I hate when random girls show up just to hang out
with the hot guys. It's not fun.
Okay, it's 2AM and I'm tired from my fun night. Later