Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2001-11-09 06:51:09 (UTC)

Poem - "Could Have Flown"

Remembering how he could have flown,
Easily with the wind he could have blown
Gracefully to places he'd never known.
Remembering how the light shone,
Enticing his eager mind
To leave it all behind,
But his hammered-in fright
Reduced his plight
To wondering on his way to work
If those unbridled passions still lurk
Somewhere in his cobweb soul.
But the years have taken their toll,
He long since made the choice
To ignore the desparate voice
That urged him to stray
From the conventional way
And find out for himself,
Not from some book on his shelf.
That voice is no more,
But now what's in store
For a man who will never free
Himself from mediocrity?
He looks to the past and breathes a sight,
The only question now is why
He made himself fit the mold,
Why he carelessly sold
His life for a luxury car
That he knows won't take him half as far
As a question mark.
Now when it's dark
He dreams of a boy
Who knows pure joy
Without a penny to his name.
He knows he's got himself to blame,
For that boy could have been him
Had he gone out on a limb
And listened to the voices he knows were right,
Instead of choosing to throw the fight.