down in my eyes
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2001-11-09 06:46:14 (UTC)

*counting* ..hm...5 months..and....

I just checked my ''records.'' It's been... 5months and 4
dayz since i last spoke to him. And deep within, i'm
silently dying. I try to act like i'm ok with how things
turned out, 'n like i'm o'er it-- but i'm not~... and until
the day comes, (if it'll ever!?) that my mind will
discontinue aching for him.... what ever am i gonna do..!!?

I've been told to move on.. to forget 'bout him... that he's
just a young, waste of time. But he's not. and there could
never, ever be another who can fill this void.. in my life,
he took away, or complete this emptiness, when he left as

He's as beautiful and rare as a golden shooting star.
And with the most sincerity,.. i hope he'll oneday find HIs
shining star.. who can warmthen his life. Who can love him
as much, if not more, than I.

I do believe he'll nevr speak to me again. ..But wut can i
do,.... but cry?

So i have a few pictures,memories of him on file... in my
yearbooks, photo album,....one in my wallet.

But i don't have his presence. Ya, I'm pissed.