Sic (SickLid)

Twisted Thoughts & Ranting
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2001-11-09 05:26:15 (UTC)

A New Heartfelt Venture

When I saw her on the porch in front of her house, I felt
electricity racing through my veins. She was so different
than all the rest - separate of the usual Los Angeles
vanity-stricken coke-snorting shallow cunts that I'm so
used to dealing with. We went out for drinks and caught a
late showing of some irrelevant movie (I managed the nerve
to keep her hand in mine, fingers innertwined). One date
turned in to multiple dates, one week of dating became
weekS of dating, and now we're sharing something stellar.
We're above it, when she is by my side I am untouchable,
unscathed by the violence of the world around me. I, too,
keep her out of harm's constant evil grasp. We protect
each other from ourselves. Sometimes I think it's verging
on the cusp of a fairy tail, she completes me - filling in
all the voids that I've spent so long trying to occupy.
When I wake up in the morning, she is my dawn; in the
evening she is the center of my beautiful sunset. Once in
a while I even feel unworthy - my insecurity consumes me;
and just when I think I'm losing my THC clouded mind, she's
there to save me like a goddess of Greek Mythology. I want
to flower the ground she flows on, I want to roll out the
red carpet and announce her arrival into my heart. I may
never know why I do the things I do. I may never find the
comprehension of my various (and often destructive)
actions. However, I do know that no matter what happens,
no matter who tries to fuck up my day - she will be there
as a reminder that "it can't rain all the time." She is
the black-cloaked bird to which I can entrust something so
precious as my own life. I look forward to devoting all
thought and adoration to her, my "Tamazing" love.

Time to get back to the pursuit of mental well-being...

...Medication time, children...