The Shadow of Myself
2001-11-09 05:20:18 (UTC)

how to follow your own advice

One of the toughest things to understand is how to follow
your own advice. It's weird how you can tell someone or
different people the same things so many times and you
don't really listen to what you're saying. You understand
what you say.. and you mean it.. but that doesn't mean that
you're applying it to your own life. I guess that all
comes back to "it's easier said than done." For some
reason it's a lot easier for me to solve someone else's
problems than to solve my own. It's like I feel bad for
them but at the same time I'm thinking yeah.. I know what
do to.. and if that ever happened to me.. whew it'd be easy
to fix. I'm not sure how that attitude came about.. but I
don't really like it. I do enjoy helping people.. but I
feel like maybe I need to listen to what I'm saying to
everyone else. It's like I have wisdom.. and I the ability
to give good advice.. but all too many times I find myself
in the same situation as the person that I was once helping
and I don't know what to do. That is probably b/c I make
my problems feel so much bigger then they really are. I
don't think I always amplify my problems to whoever is
around me.. but to myself I feel overwhelmed with issues.
Maybe I need listen to what I'm saying to everyone else and
apply it to myself.

On a more enjoyable note.. I was reminded of something
nice. I was more of a realization over time I think. I
really enjoy brigtening peoples days. Like making someone
else's day makes my day. So it's really cool.. when I feel
like I can't really help someone.. b/c I'm stressed or feel
overwhelmed (whatever the case may be) it seems that all
that I have given is reflected back at me. Like.. someone
just randomly sends me a card.. or someone that hasn't
talked to me for awhile will talk to me.. and say something
really sweet. It makes me really greatful.. and it also
motivates me to do more... b/c I know how wonderful it is
to recieve kindness when you're not feeling so hot.

Life is just a never-ending cycle of lessons.. some of
which you have to re-learn.


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