The Fool's Journey
2001-11-09 05:04:48 (UTC)

A Lesson From The Bug

A bug thought me a lesson today about humanity.
It happened like this-
I was having my dinner as usual with the television set
sitting next to me. Something was on the tv but I couldn't
remember what. Somewhere between tv and dinner, I felt
something small tickling me. It was a little bug (ant-size)
crawling its way up to my chest. I just got back from
exercise so I only had my pants on.
Anyway, I am especially sensitive to these subtle touches,
and I was trying hard not to blow my top off. It was
astonishing that such a little bug could make me almost
jumping out of my skin. Then it strikes me that if a bug
this small could make me (which must seem like the African
continent to the bug) feel so jumpy, size doesn't really
matter after all. If the bug could do this much to me, I
could probably do as much for the world. We may be small,
but certainly not insignificant.
I forgave the bug for that little intrusion- even glad that
I learnt a valuable lesson from it.