The Fool's Journey
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2001-11-09 05:04:13 (UTC)

The Leo

Today, I was up early because I had to fetch my colleague
to the bus station. He wants to catch the earliest bus back
to his hometown. His grandmom is ailing.
He's a great friend. A Leo, and as Leo would be, they tend
to think the world revolves around them, admittedly.
Egotism is primarily a leading characteristics in Leos. But
this Leo has one too much ego. A punctured ego is like a
sulking child, desperate for love and attention. Admitting
defeat is beyond the ability of a Leo, the reality of
defeat is a very bitter pill to swallow indeed.
But he's a great friend still. For Leos are especially
forthright, unreserving, outspoken and unpretentious.
Always speaking their mind, they are honest (at least to
themselves) in their approach to life and work. You either
love them, or hate them.