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2001-11-09 04:43:42 (UTC)

Predictable but Lovable Honey-Bear

Dear Diary:
You are the last diary I have to update tonight.
First, I went to see the vampire doctor and accomplished nothing but spending $144.00 and
do not know a damn thing.

I am one pissed bitch!!!!

Next, Honey-Bear, called me again this evening.
I tell him to use e-mail me or use MSN messenger
but he tells me he likes to hear my voice over
the phone and hates to use MSN Messenger.

I tell him, but Honey-Bear, MONEY DOES NOT GROW
ON TREES. Does he listen, NO! He does not.
He is so sweet and lovable. He is easy to love.

My gf calls him,"Yummy-Bear." (Carolann).

Stephan is a real hoot. He asked me to name my
baby if I am pregnant after him, and I told him
if it is a boy I would call the baby, Stephan
Robert. If a girl Stephanie Roberta.

Stephan is flattered and So Is my lovable honey-

Stephan is a good friend in Texas. Honey is my
lover. Oh what a lover he is. Use your imagination.

Christina got religion, sigh! Eric is on, and Carolann is on MSN messenger.
Stephan is still on MSN TV and so is My Lovable

Next weekend, I will show Honey-Bear how to write
entrys in our joint diary over at Opendiary.

You can find my diary over there under American

Drop by sometime.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne

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