The Nine Faces of Dave
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2001-11-09 04:22:32 (UTC)

bored or boring?

I live in a fairly small city. There's about 150,000 or so
people in the county, and that includes several cities.
While this town has its drawbacks, it's really not bad after
getting used to it.

The biggest complaint people seem to have, especially people
I know at school, is that it's boring around this area.
Most of these people, however, don't seem to have much focus
on what exactly they want to do. The impression I get is
that they're bored because they have no real interests and
must rely on passive entertainment. Either that, or their
main interest is shopping for clothes.

I suppose this is another aspect in which my deviance is
apparent. I have no interest in fancy clothing shops; I buy
most of my clothes at Big & Tall. Clubs are of no value to
me at this time. And except for maybe some art cinema
venues and a non-smoking pool hall, I think we've got just
about everything we need here in town. My only boredom
comes from a lack of companionship (and my inability to find
the damn Transformers movie...see previous posts for

From my viewpoint, the biggest complainers have no real
reason to be bored. They're popular, and certainly would
not be suffering for want of companionship. The conclusion
I've reached is that they either have no interests they can
share with those they associate with, or they've set their
standards for entertainment way too high. Some people can't
seem to have fun without a dance floor or a bunch of
overpriced clothes to browse through. Personally, I'm happy
shooting pool with my friends and listening to The Cars.

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