thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-09 04:20:23 (UTC)


I think I am going to try to cut it down to one entry a
day, so thats whats up with the title thingy. But anyway,
the events of today were basiclly the same as every other
day, I got up and went to school had a usual "B" day except
for lunch I got to eat with katy josh and james and some
other guys that sit there with them. I dont think they
liked me all that much, because I was talking about easy
money, which was donating sperm and plasma. But who really
cares I'm not there to impress them I only need to impress
my friends. But anyway, I also got to see joselin today
and that was a nice change. I'm not sure how kelly feels
about the whole me and joselin thing, I mean she says to go
for it and whatever happens, happens. But sometimes I feel
there is some resentment and she's not really happy about
it. I dont know why, I mean she says she's happy with
jason, but if she still has feelings for me how is she
gonna be truly happy? I'm not sure sometimes I feel she is
purposely avoiding eye contact but then there are times
that I'm not sure. How can I know? I wish there was some
way to just talk about it. and we did but I gotta run so
I'll fill you in tomorrow, so stay tuned........SAME BAT