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2001-11-09 04:08:37 (UTC)

"Too Bad, Yanks"

Did you see the World Series? I almost cried. And then on
top of that my husband, Derek Jeter, was all hurt. Just the
sight of pain on his fae brought tears to my eyes. *well,
not literally, but oyu kno what I mean =0)* I wish they
would've won, since all that happened in New York. They
deserved to win, but you can't win all of the time.

I went to the Rancho vs. Perris football game last week.
You kno I had to go since Rancho is my new school and I
just left Perris. I did the rightful thing and sat on
Rancho's side with my best friend and best godsister Reyna
and Nicole. I have the hugest crush on Jessie, who plays on
the Rancho varsity. After the game we all went to In-N-Out,
and he actually came and sat by me when we were eating. So,
I was all happy. He asked me, "Do you go to Rancho", "What
grade are you in?", and "How come I never see you?"

Then, yesterday, everyone found out he's supposed to get
with this girl named, Flora. She's very pretty, but she's a
ho. No girls at the school like her. She has so much
potential to be something else, but instead she ruins her
reputation. The day after she loses a boyfriend, she gets
one. So, Reyna's not talking to Jessie becuz she's so upset
with him. When she asked him about her, he kept changing
the subject. But i'm not gonna turn myself into a ho just
so i can get a man. I'd rather stay single. He's so cute,
tho! Oh well, it just wasn't meant to be.

Today, i was standing waiting for reyna to finish talking
to this one girl, and i said hi to adrien. i was watching
him walk away and jessie was there looking at me. i just
turned and looked back towards reyna. adrien is this really
cute boy. he's a PIMP, i swear! he was telling us these
funny stories, which you could tell were completely made
up. what a dork! atleast he's there to bring laughter.