JWhite's Testaments
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2001-11-09 03:47:59 (UTC)


You know how when you have a steady boyfriend or
girlfriend, you still have those little crushes? I am
suffering from one right now.
I am 17. I shouldnt hold myself down and keep to one guy,
should I? I started thinking about all this because this
month, the 21, is Brad and I's one and a half year
anniversary. That is a long time with one guy. Should I
limit myself and not allow the opportunity to meet new
people? I love Brad. Not only as a boyfriend, but as a
person. I have spent so much of my life with him, how could
I not? I care about him and his well being, but sometimes I
think I want to branch out and meet new people.
Like Andrew.
The guy I have the infamous crush on.

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