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2001-11-09 03:46:13 (UTC)


Stomach problems again. My day yet again was sucky. I felt
like shit. I woke up, but i didnt want to get up. but i did,
and i went to school and didnt get coffee. my days always
suck when i get mellow yellow instead of coffee. then i
realized i forgot my money for lunch. then trig sucked. then
chem 2 was boring. and it seriously lasted like 4 hours.
today went by too slow. i practically fell asleep 3 and 4th
hour, and i read the paper 5th hour during study hall when i
should have been studying for my 8th hour apologetics test.
which i failed. and i have a lit quiz over a whole unit
tomorrow, which im gonna fail. and rehearsal tonight kinda
sucked (CIYS) and im depressed about my friend megan. but
yeah, my head hurts, and my stomach is killing me. ahh, i
just wanna crawl up in a ball and sleep eternally. well. i
must attempt to study my lit. i still have my bun though...