as the Oval turns
2001-11-09 03:35:00 (UTC)

A Case of the Thursdays :

8:30 am - had philosophy class, about equality and racism,
Pacey threw away his peer review sheets by accident, but
he needs them to get credit for his we get to rewrite

10:30 am - had nutrition class, it sucked as usual

1:00 pm - met with some of my fellow RAs about a program for
next week

1:30 pm - ate

1:45 pm - walked to Jenna's lot to retrieve my car, realized
that it was gone

2:00 pm - called the towing people, they had it, then I
called Pacey to ask him to take me to the impound lot

2:30 pm - went to the ATM w/Pacey, then to the lot, got the
car for an arm and a leg

3:00 pm - got stuff @ Target for 5:30 program

3:45 pm - parked my car legally on west lot, then took the
campus bus back to campus

4:20 pm - back to room, checked email

4:50 pm - just when I was about to take a power nap...
hot water knob broke and ladies' restroom flooded w/
scalding water, called maintenance to fix it

5:15 pm - getting people together for program

5:30 pm - had program, 5 people showed up not including
RAs and speaker

6:00 pm - went to commons w/Brad and another RA

6:15 pm - waited in line for Bar Nite, just to go to the veggie
side b/c they were serving the same thing w/out the long line

6:30 pm - ate

7:00 pm - talked to Brad on his smoke break, mostly about

7:25 pm - went to room to take a 15 min power nap

7:35 pm - got back up to meet with friends for IV

7:45 pm - walked w/friends to IV

8:00 pm - IV

10:10 pm - got back to dorm

10:20 pm - got back in touch w/my ex-friend, talked to her
for a short bit

10:35 pm - typing in my journal...

What a day. I'm sleeping in tomorrow. Praise God I'm still
standing :)