even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-09 03:19:45 (UTC)

nerds make my tongue hurt

so.. samand aum just left.. for while, it was just me and
sam, and at first it was a little weird, but then it got
ok.. im glad, i want to be comfortable liek that, and we
all should be... thast hwat i want.. and we were tlkaing
baout stuffo after high school, them i guess more than me,
and they are goign to move out.. and rent litle ouse, and
i was like, me too! so maybe i'll move in with them, if i
get a job, or soemthing.. i dont; knwo.. it might be fn...
so im eating alot of candy... and ithink im ganing some
weight, i mena, i know i am... man, my weight, im sure
like, fluxiuates all the time, meh.. i say that as i put
apiece of candy in my mouth... so im keepign ajournal , and
actual journal now... its little and im putting liek peices
of papaer and stuffo in it.. and i thinkt hat since i can;t
have access to a computer all the time, it'll be good for
me.. aslo it will be fun it hink, only it could suck, but
thats nt ht epoint.. so today was an ok day.. i was really
tired,a nd i got to wear my new shoes, so that was always
fun... i told this kid about how are parents are wack..
so... it was odd, lunch was fun, sam and joslein ate lunch
with us today... and kelly was not at school, her dad made
her doctors appt. so thast good... so.,.. i think im goinng
go pack, tis almost the weeknd..