2001-11-09 03:12:34 (UTC)

rapid rate

Well another Thursday, nothing exciting except I felt some
nausea. Got home and I feel much better. Thursday is my
longest day, 9-6pm straight lectures. Haven't talked to
Dre for awhile. I think I am avoiding her,no, I know I am
avoiding her. I just do not have the energy to talk to her,
or know what to say. I feel so bad these days thats its
hard to be part of a happy conversation. Plus she gets so
childish if you do not talk up to her standard. So I think
the best thing to do is just pretend I am not home untill I
get out of this mess.
Tommorrow I shot, a bit nervous 'cause I am not very
prepared with props or 100% on the location. I am like
those people I hate. Those disorganized ones. Glad my
roomate is all into shooting because I am not too hyped for
it. I feel the shoot might fail. The pessimist in me is
I really want to talk to my mom, a few days ago I had an
awful conversation with her and I feel I made her
stressed. As much as I want to hear her voice I can not
bare to trouble her again.
Had the worst cramps today, and felt all slow and shaky-so
I left class early. All I want to do is sleep but at the
same time I am suffering insomnia. The body is so
Shit! This dried glue thing is not working, ahh it better
since there's no other option.
Hold on I got an idea about the glue,drying it on plates,
might work. I best be off to finish some work for
tommorrow. You know I am feeling off when I do not write in