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2001-11-09 00:02:03 (UTC)

They came to me - Thursday night when I said everything

At ending of afternoon my friends Mel and Carol came to me.
They talked me about dream they had.
Carol dream about an airport where a bomb exploited. Mel
dream her nightmares about her tough false friends trying
to hurt her and her petpuppy.
I told Mel later night almost all things I've wanted to say.
I tell her again that I love her. She ever replied thanks.
Or then it is cool because I asked why she ever say thanks.
At least I said her what she spoke me six months ago and
I let passed without a right answer. I ask her with she
wants to be with me. A kind of dating. She didn't answer
just ran and said some people help her. She told me what
she said six months ago was just a kidding by talking.
I guess that was that moment and won't use that path
My conscience is clear now because I knew she doesn't like
me that much. Or she was only trying to get me before her
friend. Some championship. In play there is other things
too. We would like it be true.
I wanted to say I love you three times before do that
question. But I think she would say thank you or it is cool
three times. Next time I will talk her only good things
she would like to hear. Because she remains my friend and
made me strong all those six months. I am thankfull for her
by dreams I chased. I guess that little falling star I
wished my happiness is almost going to fly. And get back
the skies.
I think I have the same power an Angel has now. Because my
conscience is clear. And I can see cleary how to treat my
friends. With love and care without expect any thanks.