The Return of a Shitty Life
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2001-11-09 02:53:01 (UTC)

Trying to be Normal

My sophmore year started in early september. i went into
cos scared shitless that i wouldnt succeed and i would have
no friends. why did i think this i have no clue i can be
friends with anyone im so open about everything. but my
dumbass was scared. I had known melissa miller and nicole
sparr teh previous year, but i kissed the guy nicole was
talking to so i thought she hated me, and melissa was her
best friend so obviously she would hate me to. but the
exact oppisite happened. we all became so close were like
sisters now. they saved me from making a stupid mistake-
killing myslef (how dumb am i?) and i lov ethem for
everything i can talk to them about anything and we share
clothes HAHAHAHA dont you love those kinda friends. well in
cos we did really good and for three periods of the day
every day we sit talk do each others hair and makeup. teh
drama of all the cos girls is a trip listening to everyoen
bitch about something while me and nic and mel make fun of
them secretly. nothing mean, people are just so stupid its
hard not to laugh! so for the first two months of school i
was not dating, i said i didnt need guys. yeah, this is a

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