The Return of a Shitty Life
2001-11-09 02:44:15 (UTC)

The Return of a Shitty Life:Part Three: Dealing with Pshcyos

my stepdad was a psycho. he came to our work and wrote i
love you in peas and gave it to my mom. he follwed her
around, he left her notes, messages, emails, which was all
sweet and innocent. then he got violent, threating her that
she wouldnt be safe unless she got back with him. he
accused her of a new boyfriend, dealing drugs, cheating on
him, things my mom wou;d NEVER do. shes like june cleaver.
I was mad at him for that. then he went on to tell her how
he was only being nice to me to get to her, he could care
less about a "pshcyo bitch who slits her wrists" and that i
was taking just after my mom. fuck you, dwayne! thats why
you got whored! the one guy i had to turn to just goes and
fucks everything up. i shouldve known not to trust a guy.
but i did sooooo...yep that was the the cutting off point
where i looked in the mirror and just thought what the fuck
why me? whatever i didnt even care anymore. im starting to
live for myself now. fuck everything else what does it have
for me?