close friends we dont even know
2001-11-09 02:40:47 (UTC)

your guys "girl friends"

you know i have lived with this for like a year now and i
thought i was getting over it. i really sort of am , very
slowly. see i love my boyfriend so much and he really
doesnt do anything that annoys me ,except for the fact that
he has these friends that are girls. that sounds so
stupid!! i just cant be ok with all of them . there is one
i dont mind ,she really is nice but there are a few others
that i just cant and wont get used to. they like call him
and send him e-mails which of course i read. i know its
probably just my own insecurities , i do know it is, i just
dont see why they continue to think its ok to try and be
compitition. dont they have other guys to try and flirt
with? i havent really had good luck with other girls , i
have a few very close friends and thats cool i just dont
see why he has to talk to these girls he knows i dont like.
i try to be cool about it so i dont seem insecure but
sometimes it really gets to me. i dont keep a bunch of guys
hanging on to me. maybe he does that because i have had
more realationships than him and it makes him feel better i
dont know.what the hell am i supposed to do!!!