F*cked Up Thoughts
2001-11-09 02:34:00 (UTC)

Sunday, November 4, 2001

Omifuckingod it's cold out, snow can totally suck. so right
now, i'm listening to The Misfits' "Scream". my hands are
fuckin' cold and i'm trying ot do my fuckin' best to spell
correctly, but who gives a shit?? lol.

Today, i woke up at 3 pm, man i love weekends :), anyways,
i woke up and my ma calls out saying someone's at the door.
i'm thinking "jesus fuck, who's here???". so i go to the
door in my crappy ass "lita" pants, my tanktop and my
bedhead-do and i see my friend that i haven't seen and
talked to in a long while. then we thought we'd catch up on
things and shit for coffee. we had a good convo. and all i
have to say is coffee and a cigarette in the afternoon, is
the perfect breakfast, lol.

ugh! and tomorrow i have to wake up early for class, i
don't even fucking know what time its at. damn new
schedule. screw the goddamn system. ah fuck, i remember
that i have to study for a math test and finish my stupid
personal responses for that dumb book that involves
euthanasia. honestly, this book is totally boring except
for the part where euthanasia comes, i don't
support least i don't think i do.

any-fuckin'-who, i have much to get to including writing
some new songs.

Stay (SiC),