The Sexy Blonde
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2001-11-09 02:19:39 (UTC)


I really am not sure what I want to do besides get
pregnant. lol I was talking to the marine corps today, they
were at my school. It seems like a reasonable thing to do
after high school, maybe , maybe not. Well I will not be
writing for a while, I am going to move the computer out of
my room. My damn brother wont get rid of his cat(I am
allergic to the frickin furball) so I am moving the
computer out of my room, I am going to leave it out in the
middle of the living room to piss my mom off. I am changing
the dead bolt on my door, because I think my mom made
copies of my key. AnYWay I won't be gone for long! maybe a
week or too! my brother already broke the bottom half of
the computer , so he can fuck off!! bye

my fiance and I are doing great this weekend will be
great!~* Love me leave lots of POSITIVE notes~* nite nite~*!