Contemplating Matters Of The Soul
2001-11-09 02:06:49 (UTC)

innocence lost

bout time i updated this thing!!!
well here's what's been happening so far
kissing for the first time
losing my innocence
inpressing the hell out of people
writing papers
reading the odessy - favorite book
basically i'm being me. enjoying life here in elmira as a
college student. beating josh at our "baseball game".
hitting home runs while he is still on first. hanging out
with people here and making new friends and getting ALOT
closer to others. being thankful for my friends back home
and all of their support. thanx for always being there for
me tina, i'm sorry about everything that i said to you
before when i was having my problems here about getting
kicked out. i didn't mean it it was jsut my anger with
everythign and frustration. i took it out on someone and
now i realize that it was the wrong person. if you ever
need anything you know you can always come to me since i've
been comign to you. Laura, you need to talk to someone,
when i come home next week will you sit down with me and
tell me everything? i want to help you and so does everyone
else you jsut have to trust us and give us a chance to help
you. you need it no matter what you think you need to talk
to someone. i know you may think that it won't do any good
but it will i know it will. i know someone here who kinda
knows what it is like to feel the way you do, she can help
you you just have to let someone help you and you will be
fine. Jackie, give trevor a chance he deserves it. not all
guys are like derrick and dave. he seems like a really nice
guy and joe is backing him up too. just see what he's like
before you judge him. you're the best roommate i could ever
have. thanks for letting me talk to you about everything
especially the whole joe and greg and em thing. you are one
of the strongest people i know. i truly do admire you. i
hope we will always be friends. to joe: you've changed me,
thank you, i just hope that em doesn't find out, i don't
want her to hate me. i understand why you don't want to
date her, but just keep in mind that i'm friends with her
and how she might react to what happened. Greg you really
are the best, i can talk to you about anything but i don't
know if i want to tell you about everything. i know that
you love jackie and that you will always love her. she was
your first girlfriend and first in other ways too. i used
to know how i felt about you but now with everything that
has happened i just don't know anymore. yeah, i would love
to have a serious relationship with you but i'm jsut afraid
about what you will be like when you go to siena next year.
college changes people, i know it's changed me. i'm no
longer the innocent person that i was back home. i have
something to compare you too now. Amanda, you are one of
the best people i know. you're one of the most honest -
don't ever change. Josh - haha you thought that i could
never do it before you. sorry sweetie but i hit a home run
while you were still on first. lol
To all of my friends, i love you and i always will. to
joe :) to greg i just don't know
To everyone: see you in seven days on the 16th. i'm coming
home. see you all then