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2001-11-09 02:02:51 (UTC)

Ladies and Gents...

Ladies and Gents, you can bite my cat! If you want to
anyway. Essby and I went to Mckeevers...got lost a few
times because she fails to trust me, lol...and she still
thinks CCRI is on the same road as the Warwick mall- maybe
she'll leanr someday. I didn't get to buy boobs today! GRRR
i was told that i would buy boobs today from Goddess Tj
Max. Cheap (.)(.) oh well. We did a bunch of other stuff I
can't remember. I didn't get home until 7:45. School
lockers can stay shut for all i care!! I've invaded Essby's
locker. I don't think she's too thrilled about it. It's not
like home in the english hall...i miss my hall, where my
locker is. I think I'll go to my locker in between classes
for the hell of it. scenerio---[***last for class, walk
in while the teacher is in the middle of a lesson. Everyone
looks up at me.*** "why are you late?" "uh, um, I went to
my locker." "ya, and..?" "I just went to my locker" "why
did it take you so long??" "well, first i had to go to my
locker in this hallway, i saw that i had time so i went to
visit my old locker..i feel bad for not using it. I feel if
i keep twisting the lock, it'll see how much i truly care
and will open for me someday." "well you have an hour after
school you can spend with your locker twisting it..see you
there" " really?! that's so great! because i've always
wanted to twist my jammed locer for 60 f'n minutes! thanks,
and have a good day ***storm out of class. walks in
shyly*** "I forgot we had class..." slips into seat.

That's what i wish would happen someday. Other days i will show my
desiderating feelings of violence towards a certain english teacher.
good luck and god bless...the fuct teacher.

"Save the belt for whipping, wear suspenders"