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2001-11-09 01:57:02 (UTC)

'You said we will never be apart...'

This is a poem to all those people who have lost someone
special to them. It may be sad losing someone, but have
faith.There's always something to look foreward to after
you've finished the battle of life...

A Second Gift.

"You said we will never be apart.
It was like that from the start.
Friends Forever,
never stays apart.
I'll make sure I'll never forget you,
you'll always be in my heart.
We shared our shared our secrets,
I knew yours,
and you knew mine,
Now all that doesn't matter in the land of time.
Old memories,
I know they'll stay,
Like playing pranks on Valentines Day.
I still remembered the first time we met,
you pulled me out of my shadow,
"take a step," you said,
and look what came along the way.
We will still be friends to this day,
Even though you are now far away.
A part of my soul left with you,
a part that ask you to please remember me until I lay to
a gentle twinkle of a star told me you knew.
around the moon is now where you flew.
Now that your among the stars,
I can talk to you every day.
We used to wonder what happened if...
Now we both know it's second gift.
We will now be able to see eachother every day.
You smiling down,
and me waving from the ground.
Until the day we meet again.
until the day our lives starts all over again.
you will always be in my heart, friend....."

One day we will meet again....