The UnEven Eye
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2001-11-09 01:55:13 (UTC)

It happens again..

Here we go once more..I think I will sit and look at the
screen. Of all times.. for me to be sad.. no one to
tell.. Screw it.

Fuck you all..to Hell.. so the fucking gods of death..
can kill you and manipulate your bodys.. to cause pain
and turmoil. I will be first in line if hell still
does this shit.

-.- I hate you.. I hate you..like my living damnination.
Heh. I'm venting. I need to vent. I'm sick of smiling to
please your fucking naviety!

Oye.Looks like I go back to my gothic nature. My skin
went a nasty pale.. this past month. Then all this
month.. I have only ate one meal. The rest I couldn't
keep down.. heh.

I don't think I will eat. See how long I last. If I last,
to keep count. I'm already done to 98lbs. Baggy clothes
cover this up. No one can really tell...

Well..I think I need help..I really do.. Well.. no.. I
don't.. You people couldn't help.. a dog if it raped
your leg..-.-

I dun mean anything.. well some..yes.. others no