The Basement
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2001-11-09 01:34:39 (UTC)

Forever And A Day

Here is just a few series of poems dat I wrote for mah gf.I
kant think of nuthin ta post up...

"While the clouds parted,
I realized that some day I'd be on the other side of them.
I dont know when,
I dont know why,
and I dont know what those times will bring.
but there is one thing I DO know,
when I am there, so will you.
I love you forever and a day,
About no one else have I felt this way.
Of all things I say to you,
I love you is the truest of true.
Sometimes I feel us slipping away,
But that notion fades with the passing day.
I love you forever and a day,
In this still,
There's still much left to say.
I want to hold you close all night.
In the day thinking of you fills me with bliss,
And in my dreams,
it’s only you I kiss.
I’ll love you now,
I’ll love you then.
And when it’s all over,
I’ll love you again.
I love you forever and a day..."


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