lauren s

..always something new..
2001-11-09 01:28:23 (UTC)

entry#14.. my so called life

Well i like chris sooo much its crazyness. I also like
Bruce a litle bit but notlike i did before. its not the
same. Um I have been feeling weird lately because i get
depressed very very easilly. out of no where for no reason
in particulari just feel like nothing is worth looking
foward to. Like if im really excited about something and i
get all workedup and it just feels likeim getting excited
over nothing and then i feel like if nothing is making me
happy then ifeel sad and i get this weird feeling.Sometimes
i am hard on myself. I think im too fat or ugly or sloppy
or a badcheerleader or i think im annoying or not as good
as someone else wichin turn makes me try andfix myself by
trying to be as perfect as humanly possible and dont get me
wrong its worked but i hate changing who i am. I dont
knowbut this keyboard is annoying me its fuked up it wont
type . but ill write later'


ps my b-day and cheerleading tryouts are next week wish me
luck !!!!!!!!!!!