The Basement
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2001-11-09 01:26:26 (UTC)

Baby, If you'll still have me....

Heres a lil poem I wrote to mah gf when we seemed to drift
apart a little. This is how I felt around her:

Baby, If You'll Still Have Me....
"I sat on my roof,
like many nights before,
thinking about my angel,
If I did enough to show my love and much more.
I sit until sunrise,
thinking about her endlessly.
Thinking of other ways to give my heart,
thinking of ways to show my love affectionately.
If only you was here with me,
I'll make you see,
that you're the only one,
the only one I want here with me.
I wait each day,
impatiently waiting to say,
that " Baby,I love you."
I'll be here if you still want me,
I'll wait here if you need me,
I'll still be here if you turn away.
I've given my heart to you,
the one I've chosen,
the one I will love with all my life.
I'll tell you now ,angel,
that I'm eternally sorry ,
if I said something wrong now.
for I dont have much to give you,
but I've tried to give all I can,
and if you'll have it even though it may be few,
I lay my heart, my love, and my trust in your hands.
Sometimes I'm at a lost for words,
but please dont give up on me,
for forever gurl,
I will love you endlessly.
I may be quiet,
a long pause at the end of the line,
but thats because I want to say those words,
but find it harder when offline.
I want to say,
"without you gurl, there would be no one else.
For gurl I only want you, out of everybody in this world,
your the only one I will say that "I love you."
"I love you...."

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