The Basement
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2001-11-09 01:10:08 (UTC)

Yes Or No?....iono......

Nuthin much happened today.
Through out da whole week is early dismisselz becuz of
conference.I'm studying for a test ryte now in Home/Family.
We hafta get all dese sweing and cooking def and terms ryte. We also
hafta memorize different parts of a sewing machine for some retarded
reason. We kant do our sewing projects untill we get da test 100%
ryte.So I probably hafta take it over and over again. I have a head
ache...Oh yeah! Today ish mah internet sister's B-day!!
Happy B-Day Neya!!
Me and mah crew myte go to da movies and da mall on
Saturday....yay... I wouldn't really wanna go if it isn't dat I have
nuthin ta do at home.J havent signed on all day so far. It's sorta
quiet without her... I called her up last nyte justa say hi and hear
her voice since we havent chatted on da phone for a while.
Letz see wat else happened today...hmmm... Oh well...I myte as well
tell u somethin 'bout mah past while I'm at it. Dis is a diary afta
all... You can see da heading. Dat waz da question I had when I
realized mah sexuality.I was in hmm....lets see....about 5th or 6th
grade when I first had a crush... I neva really seemed drawn to boys
since dey tend ta pick on me becuz of mah height and race. Me and mah
sorta best-guy- friend were da only Azns in da whole history of da
skool when we met.Dats how we became friendz. He's cantonese and I'm
Mandrian. We used ta compete all da tyme in kindergarden. Both of us
were all smarter den da kids in our class and the first graders. We
both were reciting and doing Multiplication problems in kindergarden.
We both learned Division by first grade.
Okey I'm sorta runnin off topic am I? (bad sabby)
Anywayz, I used ta drag boys through mud in da field and fight with
them in elementary so dey sorta became more of competitors, buddies,
and allies in trouble.That was only in elementary. None of dem really
interested me even when mah female friends started goin all crazy
over da boy groups and stuff. I mean I dun see anythin great about
dem. I've been friends with boys all mah life dat I pretty much
understood how dey thought. I sorta became a fellow guy to dem too
even though I still had alot of female friendz. When da guyz started
lookin at gurlz I looked too wonderin wats so great. I realized dat
gurlz have a gentler quality den guyz do and dat seemed sort of
uncharted territory. I waz surprised one day to find dat I've been
sort of attracted to dis new gurl. I thought it was just sort of a
friend thing. I tried all I can to get her attention. It was weird.
And thats when I learned da word 'homosexual'.I read about it in this
book and overheard from my friendz.I began wondering if I really am
dat throught the rest of the skool year. I had about 3 more crushes
in 2 years and decided to test mahself.By then I was in 7th grade. I
waz in a new skool. Yay! no more of reminding myself I had a crush on
those gurlz in mah old skool.My new skool was packed full of asians
lyke me and mah best-guy-friend. No longer we feel sort of left out
and different. I had about 1 more crush which proved mah test
positive dat I'm Bi.I realized that I was pretty lonely in a
enviroment surrounded with couples walking, hugging, and making out.
I decided to go onto a gay/lesb/bi site sort of thing.Dats where I
met mah korean angel. We r close to lyking the same music,anime, and
we r both shy.She's really kute. ^-^
And there you go. Story tyme is over. Dats a piece of my life. Now I
think I've writting enough. Done for today! PeAcE!