Mysterious Attitude
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2001-11-09 00:25:09 (UTC)

Woo Hoo whatcha know Hele's Back!!!

*Date: Nov. 8,2001
*Wearing: My school uniform
*Jewelry: my cross necklace, my cross ring, my nugget ring,
and 4 bracelets.
*Hair: down
*Listenin to : tha tv
*Eating/Drinkin:I just ate sum candy (Krackel Chocolate
*Song of the day : Alive-POD *I feel so alive for the very
first time*
*Weather: Eh it was sumwhat chilly out today
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: happy :)
*Thinking: Whoa its been a LONG time since I have written
in this lol...

~*~*Whats Been Going Down~*~*

Actually a lot of stuff has happened... but none of it is
really important.. and i forgot a LOT of it.. So lets see
what all i can remember...


Eh... I don't talk to him anymore.... he called me a few
weeks ago and asked me out.. well I said yes... but mmm I
was gettin pissed off cuz his friend Pat was sayin shit
bout me... well after I hung up with Jack he paged me
back... sayin that he was playin bout goin out with me and
that I was a skank ass hoe.... so I jumped online... and
wrote him a nasty email... (which I deleted grrr) but in
the email I told him that I didn't need to put up with his
immature ass and that he would regret everything he has
said and done to me... and I also said a lot of shit bout
him... which was all true...


Now I have 2 online gurlfriends... (Krissy and Amanda)
Yeah I'm a playa I know... but does it look like i even
care? lol... Well anywho... Amanda asked me back out not to
long ago... and since then we have been talking a LOT...
and I haven't talked to Krissy for a long time... but I saw
her pic and she is hot as hell!!! Hehe I luv them both so
much and I'm glad I have them in my life :)


Well... I stayed at Renee's house not to long ago... and I
gave Justin a letter tellin him that I have feelings for
him... I'm not sure what he thinks bout that... but I know
he also likes me... so who knows... I love him so much he
is sooo sweet to me... and he would be a great boyfriend
for any gurl... I just hope he finds sumone that is good
enough for him :)


Well... what can I say bout him.... he ran away tha other
day.. and everyone thought he had killed himself :( I cried
for hours... until they found him at midnight... from what
I understand he is going to be going to a hospital to get
sum help... I just hope he is ok...


I haven't really been talking to Andria like I used to...
but I did tha other day and I found out that she broke up
with her gurlfriend Rosie... because she was too young...
I'm soo happy bout that... but there is one problem...
Andria is still in love with Tiff :( So its hard for me to
make my move... so I highly doubt that I will... but im
going to try like hell to do it!!!! (ask her out is what I

~*~*MY MOM~*~*

Eh... my mom has been going off a LOT... over dumb
reasons. Her blood pressure is going up and causing her to
yell bout everything... I'm really worried bout her :(


Ok.. well I haven't said anything bout Josh... cuz when I
was talking to him I wasn't writing in here... but he was
this hot ass guy who I talked to on the phone and online
for bout... maybe a month... then he got pissed at me and
won't speak to me now :( I really miss him... and I dont
even know why he is mad... I just hope he will start
talking to me again... cuz I miss havin him as a friend :(


What can I say school has been going a lot better for me..
and I have actually made a lot of friends I never knew I
had... I used to hate school but I'm starting to love it
now!!!! Its one of the main reasons why I haven't wrote in
my diary for so long.. but im going to try to write a lot

~*~* SAM~*~*

Yep yep... I still talk to Sam my old Prince fan friend...
he is soooo sweet!!! He has been sending me cds and other
things of Prince... and he has been there for me a lot
lately.... when no one else has been.. I thank god he is
still my friend after all I have done to him...

~*~* JOHN~*~*

Well... I don't really have much to say bout John... I
*think* I still have sum of the chats we have had saved...
but none of them are to nice... all we have really been
doing is fighting over dumb things... he has been so
depressed... and he is hardly ever online anymore... I miss
him so much but what can I do... he has a offline life I
guess... and since he moved to Con. with Kelly and his bro
he seems to be a lil more happy but he is still depressed
and I don't know why :( And Yes we are still goin out I
guess... I dunno tho :(


Eh... my other online boyfriend... he hasn't really been
online either.. so i called him... and when I did he didn't
know who I was... and it totally pissed me off... I gave
him clues bout me and he still didn't know... so I'm
guessin he is cheating on me.... grrrr so I haven't wrote
him back or anything... I refuse to... so all of my online
relationships with guys... are on the rocks as u can see :(


Eh... I dunno whats up with her either... she hasn't been
online at all... and I miss her to... but what can I say...
ohh well thats just how it is i guess :(


Woo hoo sumone new to talk bout... I have talked to him a
LONG time ago.. and we just sorta stopped talking... well a
few days ago he IMs me... and tells me that I'm a cutie and
all this... and he also asked for my number....well I
would'nt give it to him... but he gave me his... and I
called him... and I'm glad I did... he is my type of guy
hehe... and yes he asked me out so were going out!!! Hehe
stike three for me!!! But see he lives really close to
me... so this is sorta a REAL boyfriend :) I'll tell u more
bout him later... let me move on :)

~*~*I'M DIPPIN~*~*

Well... lol I don't really know what else to say... but
this is sorta my past update... so no more bout tha past...
its just bout the future now baby!!! Hehe... well I hope
your happy now Liz cuz I finally wrote and I plan on
writing every day.. or maybe once a week... it all depends
on how much time I have.. well I'm bizouncin bye bye 4 now