Squeeb's world
2001-11-09 00:23:35 (UTC)

Stupid Double Standard!!!!

K, there's a few things in this world that really piss me
off. Near the top of the list is that damn double standard
that it's ok for guys to go out with/ marry girls younger
than them but it's not ok for women to go out with/marry
younger men. Bullshit and kiss my ass! That pisses me off so
much. Show me where it says that in the human rulebook. What
the hell is wrong with it anyways? I constantly get told
this. My sister almost broke up with her boyfriend because
he's 4 years younger than her. My friend almost ended her
relationship with her boyfriend because he was younger than
her and her mother thought that was wrong. What is soooo
wrong with it if the two people involved truly love one
another? It's a crock of shit and I am sick and tired of
hearing about it. Yes, I am biased on the subject because
the vast majority of guys I fall for are younger than me but
still. And yes, for clarifications sake, my S is 3 years
younger than me- well 2 years and 9 months. Who cares?! Ok
and here's my thought on the subject- women usually outlive
men anyways so wouldn't it be wiser for them to marry a man
a few years younger than them so they won't be lonely? I
mean then, barring any unforeseen circumstances, they should
die approximately around the same time. There. Bite me! If
guys can do it, so can we. And that's all I have to say
about that.

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