~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-11-09 00:17:51 (UTC)


I like Dane SO much! I cant help
it-I just dont like anyone else! I dont even know the guy,
except that I went to 5th grade with him (Im in 9th now)
and he was fat back then and I didnt like him that way.
Now he is thin, hot, and TOTALLY adorable and I am ALWAYS
thinking about him-ALL THE TIME! Its like, if he would
leave my mind for ONE second Id be ok-but he WONT!!!!!!!!!!!
But I feel SO shallow-because Ive like NEVER even talked to
the guy-cuz I dont want to seem desperate or losery, and I
dont want to get rejected. Ive never had a boyfriend
before, and I want Dane SO much! I dont know what to
Whenever I think about talking to him, I get too scared,
but I really want to talk to him!!!!! I wish I knew if he
would ever go out with me........
And another thing-he is a MAJOR stoner and always skips
class, but hes still really sweet (from what my friends say-
Ive never talked to him). But I am a good-girl. Perfect
grades, etc. So hes not really my type, but EVERYONE says
we'd look SO cute together!!!!!
Well, I really need some help so if you are a guy, let me
know what you would want me to do or what you would be
thinking if you were Dane-and if you are a girl, let me
know what has worked for you in the past, or what you would
do if it was you!
Thanks!!!!!!!!! ~*Lily*~

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