Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
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2001-11-08 23:28:38 (UTC)

Stressed The Fuck Out

Okay so I am having a bad day. It's nothing too big, but
for some reason I cant deal with it. I dont even feel like
typing all of the little things that went wrong today.But
they did. And I am so sick of my life. I want it to change,
and as long as I am living at home and not in school that
won't happen. Fuck. I fucking hate my job. Love the kids,
hate my job. I hate that I cry for stupid things like
getting a soft pack instead of a box of cigarettes, or
because I get lost going to fucking WalMart. Fuck. Thank
god its the fucking weekend almost. I wish somebody would
fucking help me besides the fucking retard I am paying 100
bucks an hour to talk to. God, what the fuck? I mean I have
all these friends and a dad who loves me, but how the fuck
have they helped me? Oh, that's right. They fucking haven't.
I am so fucking frustrated.